Welcome to Jackson Area Chamber of Commerce Blog

Welcome to the classic White Mountain Villages of Jackson, Bartlett, Glen, Hart’s Location and Intervale, New Hampshire. For nearly 200 years the Jackson New Hampshire area has held a special attraction for visitors from around the globe.

The area’s landscape, complete with covered bridges, white steepled churches, high mountains and rolling farmland, has been deemed “sublime” by artists of international renown as well as both downhill and cross country skiers. The mountain air in summer has attracted visitors for hiking, biking, canoeing, kayaking and relaxing by waterfalls and mountain streams. The four villages’ grand hotels, comfortable inns and delightful restaurants have long been known for hospitality that is as warm as the fiery colors of autumn. Plan your visit to the Jackson area where you’ll find a comfortable escape in these small New England villages with old-fashioned American values.

Together these four villages offer spectacular natural beauty, and as much four season recreation with lodging, dining and attractions as you’ll find in all of the northeastern United States!


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